Garment enterprises network marketing environment: with the increasing maturity of the basic environment of electronic commerce in China, network marketing in the clothing industry business model has from the initial concept into commercial form with a clear profit model. Also, there have been a model for many businesses to operate successfully in the field of clothing network marketing. However, with respect to the most of Europe and the United States apparel retail area more than 20% of the market share is network marketing present situation, our country clothing industry network marketing development space is very large. Both have huge traditional garment marketing channels of large enterprises or in the initial stages of growth of apparel brands, electronic commerce is a broad market prospects and sufficient opportunities essential strategy for the enterprise one of.

The main difficulties faced by garment enterprises:

Market brand competition is intense, profit margins decline, small batch and multi varieties generated increased demand, improve cost, shorten the inventory cycle pressure increasing, enhance the threshold of the traditional market access, domestic clothing brand continued to develop and grow, increasingly fierce competition in the market; under the double pressure of competition and cost, help enterprise optimization that many clothing manufacturers of average profit margin fell; end consumer groups demand constantly subdivision, small batch and multi Varieties Generated demand increased. At the same time, end consumer requirements of quality, style, design build cycle also continues to improve; raw materials, improve the means of production, distribution costs, inventory cycle relationship becomes one of the first to solve the problems in the cost control; the fierce market competition, economies of scale, brand construction costs and other factors to further improve the traditional clothing industry market access threshold.

The fundamental purpose of developing electronic commerce in clothing industry:

Garment industry information construction for business owners who are concerned, ERP, supply chain management system, all kinds of sales management system in the coordination of internal and external resource allocation, saving cost played a extremely important role in replication when the development of the Internet into a direct impact on our lives and daily purchasing behavior, electronic commerce flourished. From the early goal of information construction, the fundamental purpose of clothing network marketing e-commerce lies in the following four aspects:

Channels through the network implementation, to enhance the sales of apparel products, accelerated to seize market share of network marketing, and enhance the traditional market brand influence, catalyze the overall market share; extreme compression of intermediate channel marketing model is built up, lowering channel cost; enhance contact between manufacturer and consumer side, get instant market information, and according to the feedback in design and production process of market information make the rapid reaction, compression design, production and inventory cycle; bypass the huge production input and channel development threshold, to low cost short cycle electronic commerce mode cut garment field.



The electronic commerce make clothing enterprise more sales


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