The ERP project to start the meeting chairman's message

Longsheng to grow, need a good management system to help us manage business, monitoring of each business unit.

In order to Longsheng future development, we devoted a lot of time and energy to do ERP software selection, finally we choose the infor the software.

The project's success on us is crucial, is conducive to our work more efficient, the future for better management of company.

Project control committee

Project control board has guiding infor ERP project, role in ensuring the implementation according to plan, the project control board need Longsheng all management give support and cooperation.


Every employee must give this project 100% support. At first will bring certain burden to your work, but do the preliminary work, bring great returns to our future work.

Start the work with the right attitude, and keep the best attitude. We have to work closely with unity, pays a little, to ensure that the project will give companies and employees in the future the best results.

Challenges and difficulties

In the implementation process will encounter many challenges and problems, we should face actively, maintain effective communication and exchange, get rid of the difficulties in maintaining proper attitude.


This is a look at how we can to do a better job, why do we have to do the work that we can do it better opportunity is rare.

This project is not only the IT department's work, it is Long Quan Sheng, urge everyone devoted effort and energy, work together to do a good job in this project.

I will often pay attention to and intervene the implementation team is our full support and cooperation, who were given the support and cooperation, who did not. I don't want to hear the name of who is mentioned because this project does not support, do not match, the attitude is not good.

Thank you! Wish you a safe, happy Spring Festival holiday.

The chairman of TIMOTHY HENNESSY

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The ERP project to start the meeting chairman's message


2015/5/12 10:31:39

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